What are the Best Places to Visit in Angeles City

Angeles City, the most thrilling city of all in the Republic of the Philippines, really comes alive after dark. Angeles, formerly known as Culiat, is washed in the pioneering roots that have served it well as now it is one of the most popular and visited cities in the Philippines. Angeles city is otherwise known as Luzon Island’s entertainment capital of the Philippines. Located in the province Pampanga in the Philippines, this city really lets loose when the sun goes down and does not stop until the sun comes up!

In 1991, Mount Pinatubo’s erupted and wiped out the city reducing the once proud City of Angeles to ashes within days. Coupled with the United States Army’s pullout from Clark Airbase, the city’s future was up in the air at best. Yet, with shovels and smiles on their faces, the brave Filipino people banded together just as the pioneers of 1796 did, and rebuilt the City of Angeles, back from the ashes of the eruption, and to one of the most entertaining of all the Philippine cities. Dedication and perseverance are what Angeles City is all about.

Once the volcano went dormant after the big eruption of 1991, the city set its sights on having fun! The residents did this in a very big way and now Angeles City is known as the place to have a good time while in the Philippines. Although there are so many other things to do while in Angeles City, and surrounding islands, for people who are interested in a more natural vacation. Below is a list of some of the most popular tourist destinations while visiting Angeles City.

1. Nayong Pilipino Clark

2. Walking Street

3. Zoocobia

4. Fontana Water Park

5. Aqua Planet

6. Puning Hot Springs

7. Korean Town

8. Clark Museum and 4D Theater

9. Dinosaurs Island

10. Mt. Pinatubo

11. Paradise Ranch

That is just some of the wonderful attractions that can be seen and experienced while in Angeles City. There are also so many bars and clubs a hang out at night it is hard to choose just one!  Make the next adventure in Angeles City, where the night never end!

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