What are the Developments in Clark Special Economic Zone?

Dubbed as the next big investment in Asia, the Clark Freeport And Special Economic Zone is the hottest investment hotspot in the country.

Clark has been continuously undergoing various developments. It is being groomed to be the country’s “alternative city” or the next commercial and industrial center. This is one of the government’s solutions to shift the focus away from Manila, which was already overpopulated.

During the recent visit of President Duterte, he emphasized the importance of developing Clark. In one of his speech, he said, “Clark is a very important arterial place, because it is the center of developments in Central and North Luzon.”

The current administration is also bent on making Clark “the next big metropolis.” Huge and vital infrastructure projects were currently being implemented.

These projects were mainly focused on the expansion of the Clark International Airport, the construction of the railway between Metro Manila and Clark and the cargo rail link between Clark and Subic Freeport under the Build Build Build program.

Last December 2017, they broke ground for a new world-class terminal building to accommodate more passengers. Phase 1 of this project was expected to be completed by June 2020.

World class sports facilities are also currently under construction in line with the Southeast Asian Games in November 2019.

The government prioritizes the infrastructure development in Clark for the next five years. About $4 billion in infrastructure will be allocated for this region. So it’s safe to say that a lot of development should be expected on Clark Freeport And Special Economic Zone.

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