Why Choose Angeles City as your Second Home?

Angeles City is one of the popular cities of the Philippines. The beautiful attractions, nature, nearby islands and beach make this city special due to which people from different countries travel there.  But is it advisable to choose Angeles City as your second home? We say yes! Here are the reasons why you should:

It is a great place to live.

Angeles City is quickly becoming a world-class city. Many investors from all over Asia considers it as the next big thing. Investors are continuously pouring in the city and within the next five or ten years, Angeles city will be huge. This is why buying your second home in the city is really a smart move.

Clark International Airport

You don’t need to go to Manila anymore to travel within the country or even overseas. Different airlines are continuously adding more domestic and international flights in Clark International Airport which is very convenient if you live in Angeles City.


In terms of healthcare, you do not need to worry if you reside in Angeles City. There are world-class hospitals like The Medical City that is very accessible. Other hospitals like the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center and Our Lady Of Mt Carmel Medical Center are both worthy to be considered. Also, Manila is only 2 hours away in case you need more specialized attention.


Although there are no beaches within the city,  you can still enjoy one anytime you want. The nearest beach which is the Subic is only 45 minutes away. There are also a lot of beaches within 2-3 hours of travel time. You can enjoy relaxing by the water, to surfing and water rides with friends.


Huge malls are everywhere in the city. It offers anything from shopping, food, and different entertainment. There are also countless resorts and hotels available within the city where you relax and have your staycation.

You can never run out of a new restaurant to try. From local Kapampangan dishes to Korean, American, Italian, Mexicana and even Vietnamese dishes, they are all available. There’s also no shortage of fast food restos, you can even find a Subway here.

Casinos are also one of the main sources of entertainment in Angeles City. Clark has some great casinos and Poker Clubs.

The nightlife in the city is also a must to experience.

Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living, Angeles City has a lot to offer. Rents go as low as 5000 pesos and there is surely something for everyone. Food is all reasonably priced in the majority of restaurants. Also, other necessities are cheap and readily available.

Living in Angeles City is definitely a good choice and any budget minded person could have a decent lifestyle.

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